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“You are at your most productive when you're focused on your core business or profession, not when you're juggling multiple advisors or worrying about financial matters. Through our family office approach, we help simplify that chore, making it easier for you to focus on what you do best -- and relax.”

At Paul H. Brock Associates, we believe that skilled professionals, self-made entrepreneurs and other financially successful people deserve and can benefit from access to the same kind of comprehensive planning and interdisciplinary consulting usually only afforded to the very wealthy.

To that end, we work to enhance and simplify our clients’ lives by creating custom, inclusive financial systems that encompass multiple disciplines.  Our planning methodology benefits from and incorporates appropriate professional advice on tax strategies and legal perspective.  We work with our clients to facilitate and administer these financial systems, simplifying responsibilities while reaping the benefits of a cohesive team of valued professionals and advisors.

Clients of Paul H. Brock Associates are passionate about maximizing their personal freedom while using their life and resources in the most meaningful way possible. Our clients:


Focus on goals and family rather than money.


Seek access to advanced and nimble tax planning strategies.


Want to prepare their children and grandchildren for the responsibility that comes with inheriting wealth.

If these attributes describe your approach to your wealth and your family’s future, you are in the right place.

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