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We understand that good advisor relationships are about fit.  We are not a good fit for everyone, but we seek to provide exceptional value to those for whom we are.

Typically our clients come to us sharing many (though not necessarily all) of the same characteristics:

  • Pay a high amount of income tax, feel they probably pay more than their fair share, and would like to reduce their tax burden.
  • Expect to eventually owe estate tax.
  • Spend less than they earn.
  • Want clarity on how much money they need to retire at their preferred retirement age and how much they should be saving to get there.
  • Spend too much time with investment, insurance, banking, legal, tax, and other advisors, and are frustrated with the fact that these advisors often don't communicate with each other.
  • Have had a "financial plan" done that sits on their shelf without really being used.  Or they don't really understand it.  
  • Have concerns about the objectivity of the advice they receive.
  • Have had enough experience with conventional investment advice that they realize chasing “hot stocks” and trading frequently may work well for their investment advisor, but it doesn't work well for them.  May be unclear about how their financial advisor is compensated, or would prefer to avoid the traditional transaction-based model that incentivizes the advisor to trade excessively.
  • May have been burned in the stock or bond markets and would be interested in other ways to diversify their investments.
  • Don’t necessarily know how much their portfolio would likely lose in a very significant market downturn, such as the financial crisis of 2008-2009.
  • May never have been informed about how courts evaluate proper investment management and what can be learned and applied from this.
  • Don’t fully understand their existing insurance and whether it is too little or too much.
  • Understand that they “don't know what they don't know."

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