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Many successful professionals and self-made entrepreneurs have complicated financial, investment, tax, and retirement situations.  Multiple advisors and professionals are required to navigate the interaction between business and personal financial decisions, as well as the constantly shifting landscapes of investments and tax law.

All too often, already busy individuals are forced to act as their own intermediary for these various professionals: facilitating interaction, communicating one advisor’s concepts to another, and even having to “connect the dots” between the diverse work product of their advisors. 

America’s wealthiest families can address this through creating a private “family office,” employing full-time attorneys, accountants, and investment professionals dedicated solely to coordinating the family’s financial needs and decisions.  While this may be an effective approach, it is simply not cost effective for the typical business owner or professional.

Paul H. Brock Associates offers clients a scalable version of the family office approach. We work with you to coordinate all of your financial concerns, issues, and questions. Once we understand the particulars of your situation, we involve other needed professionals, whether coordinating the efforts of your existing local advisors or introducing select legal, tax, and investment authorities. This process helps you simplify the time-consuming work of managing multiple advisors, simplifies communication overall, and helps expedite your decisions.  

All professionals remain at hand cohesively for transitions, updates, general maintenance and relevant queries as needed. We help to facilitate these interactions for you, distilling critical issues, assisting in your decision-making, and coordinating the resulting implementation.

You are at your most productive when you are focused on your core business or profession, not when you are managing advisors. We simplify that chore, making it easier for you to focus on doing what you do best.

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