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Because we act as a single point of contact for all our clients’ financial concerns, issues, and questions, we of course offer all routine financial advising services. (see link below).  However, our clients are generally looking for more than those services and focus on what differentiates our firm and the family office approach we provide.  

  • We act as a project manager for advisory needs, working with clients to coordinate the interaction of the various advisors (legal, tax, investment, etc.), provide clarity on your goals, and facilitate communication among the advisors involved. Think of it this way:  "It’s like the difference between a travel agent that sends you on a trip and a tour guide that is with you every step of the way."
  • We connect clients with a network of experienced advisors who routinely assist clients with similar net worth, business, tax, and family situations.
  • We develop income tax reduction goals and review current income tax plans, if any, with clients and an experienced tax attorney in our network.
  • We analyze client estate tax reduction goals and review any current estate tax plan with clients and a select estate attorney in our network.  The goal is to eliminate all estate tax.
  • We assist with identifying appropriate selections for key roles, such as trustee, trust administrator, special trustee, trust protector, and asset managers, with a focus on avoiding conflicts of interest to maintain the integrity of decisions.
  • We offer creative alternatives to life insurance plans, such as custom built life insurance policies, freeing clients from the constraints of the investment choices offered by any particular insurance company.
  • We identify alternatives for property and business insurance planning, including custom property and casualty insurance approaches which can provide greater flexibility to protect assets that might be otherwise uninsurable.
  • We integrate closely held business planning with income and estate tax planning approaches.
  • We can help develop succession planning for closely held businesses, focused on avoiding family conflict.
  • We can also assist with preparing a business for sale or inheritance, considering strategies around developing successor management, key employee retention, and options for disposition of the business.
  • We prepare cohesive plans for client philanthropy, including possible formation of a family foundation or helping to evaluate possible recipient organizations for effectiveness. 
  • We pay special attention to the non-tax aspects of estate planning such as developing a family legacy.  We believe that healthy family relationships are ultimately more important than a financial legacy.  Therefore, all financial and tax planning should ultimately be considered through the lens of what will produce a legacy of healthy individuals and family relationships, both now and in the future.  Additionally, it is our experience that unless the values and ethics that created a financial legacy are transmitted along with the financial legacy, the financial legacy will not long survive.  Our goal is to to prepare heirs to inherit wisely through mentoring, training, consultation, and educational processes.

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